What to Expect

Filling Out a Form

Clinical Trial Studies - What to Expect

Clinical studies involve several steps. Please call us at (818-990-2671) if you have any questions.

Step 1: Initial contact and phone screening

After you contact us on our website, by email, or by phone (818-990-2671), the first step for potential study participants is a referred phone screening. Our office is open from 7am to 4pm Monday-Friday. During your call, our staff will determine your eligibility for one or more studies by asking questions about your medical history, including any medications you are taking. If you qualify to participate in a study, we will send you intake forms, such as demographics, HIPAA, and medical history, to review and return.


Step 2: Virtual Pre-screen Appointment


Despite our clinic following all CDC recommendations for safe in person visits, we have instituted an initial virtual contact for new patients. Once we receive your completed forms, we will schedule you a time to meet with the doctor virtually. This appointment typically takes 30-45 minutes.


Step 3: Office Screening for a clinical trial


When you arrive for your scheduled appointment, please have your photo ID and a list of your current medications with you (please include dosage). If you have not clearly completed them, you will be asked to read and sign some intake forms prior to any procedures being performed. You will then meet with the doctor and staff to further discuss symptoms, and what studies might be appropriate for you.


Step 4: Informed Consent Documents


For each study you are eligible for, a document will be provided explaining the procedures used with the study drug, any known side effects, how much you will be paid for each visit, and more. The doctor will discuss the study information with you and answer any questions you have. If you decide to participate, you will sign the Informed Consent Document to signify that you have read and understand the information within. 


NOTE: Your participation in a study is private and voluntary. Your information is not shared and you may withdraw your consent and participation in a study at any time. 


Step 5: Study Visits


The study you are eligible for will have specific visits associated with it. After your initial visit, a staff member will contact you with your preliminary test results and final eligibility for moving forward with the study. If you are eligible, we will set you an appointment to begin receiving study medication. Length of visits vary based on the study, but may take several hours. Office staff is available for questions or issues that may arise during the study, and our principal investigator is always available if something comes up outside of regular business hours.