About Us

About Us


California Neuroscience Research was founded in Sherman Oaks, California in late 2002 by Dr. Thomas Shiovitz. Dr. Shiovitz presided over one of the world’s largest and most successful clinical trial operations prior to his departure in early 2002.

With a mission to get back to a smaller, more hands-on approach in clinical trials with a focus on neuroscience in general and Alzheimer’s Disease in particular, Dr. Shiovitz set out to start his ideal clinical trials site from scratch. He took his vast experience, leadership abilities, and passion for research and assembled an experienced team to develop an organized, efficient infrastructure.

CNR specialized in partnerships with pharmaceutical sponsors to enhance clinical trial design and execution. Safe and ethical treatment of patients and the production of organized, high-quality data are paramount.

If interested in placing a study at CNR, please contact Dr. Shiovitz directly at thomas@shiovitz.com.

California Neuroscience Research Medical Group, Inc.

4835 Van Nuys Blvd., Suite 104 Sherman Oaks, CA 91403 USA

Tel: 818-990-2671